Automatic Sheet Stacker

Based on innovative technology, the automatic sheet stacker is perfect for accurately automating the functions of sheet collection and sheet stacking, on the sheets exit from any of the processing machine viz lamination sheeter, coater etc. Pallet loaders are used to remove the sheets from the stacker in an accurate manner. This also helps in saving time and money for the company, apart from reducing the amount of labor involved in it. Once the sheets are stacked accurately, they are ready for the succeeding processes without any delay. It has a heavy duty construction which includes frame structure, and pile lift system. Some of the other integrated systems and parts are RPM meter, digital sheet counter, pneumatic side joggers, intelligent control panel (PLC based), oscillating back joggers, and an automatic pile down control integrated with sensor.

Automatic Sheet Stacker's Applications

It is used for:
  • Creasing Machine
  • Lamination Sheeter
  • Offline Sheet Inspection Machine
  • Online Book Making Machine
  • Powdering Machine
  • Ruling Machine
  • Sheet Cleaning Machine
  • UV Driers
  • Variable Data Printing Machine