Cache Cover Folder Gluer Machine

Cache cover folder gluer machine from Grafik Machinery International is a carton folding machine that uses water based, soluble glue. It can fold and glue products, like smart card pouches, paper/ board CD/ DVD covers, pharmaceutical cache covers, sim card pouches, plastic card covers, etc. A number of covers and pouches can be folded and glued in an hour. Pharmaceutical companies are major users of cache cover folder gluer machine, as these companies use this machine for packing a particular dose of medicine or physician samples. This machine can perform cross folding anf two side flap folding gluing. This gluer comprises gluing units, transmission belts, adjustable folder, pressing unit, and many more equipment. Contact us to know about the technical specifications of this machine, like min. & max. blank width, min. & max. blank length, glue type, power required, etc.